October 13, 2014

Nax Balatro

(Originally posted on 12/3/13) There has been a lot of non-40k going on with me lately. And with all of these rulebooks flying by every month it's easy to take a step back from the game while GW catches up on rules (which should have happened a long time ago). In the meantime I'm having a great time with WMH and (if you didn't read the title you're going to be shocked...SHOCKED!) DnD.

If you live under a rock (I get that the rent's cheap, but your children are sick of eating moss; stop it) or if you aren't very nerdy (why are you on our website?), Dungeons and Dragons or DnD (or D&D if you're willing to put in the extra effort for an ampersand; not worth it) is an oldschool role playing game where your imagination is the only limit to the amount of fun you can have.

Basically, it's not something I bring up on a first date (and the same goes for my overuse of parentheses.)

However, it's something I enjoy playing. So when my gaming buddies decided to move their DnD night to one of my days off, I was pumped since I hadn't played DnD in years.

I won't bore you with the why and how, but the character I finally decided to go with is a Rogue...
Exhibit A

A Jester...
Exhibit B

And Drow.
Exhibit C
(for Chang)

Put them all together and I thought the Eldar Harlequin Troope Master was a good model to go with:
Plus it gives me an excuse to eventually dive into Eldar or DEldar in the future.

I'm pretty pleased with how this model turned out. This is the first time I think I really pulled off a shimmering gem (the one on his belt) while at the same time not having it bright enough to distract from the rest of the model.
The shadow on the base was airbrushed to portray a shadow via moonlight. I'm still not the best at OSL, but I'm getting there. The base itself was created using SWM's bricks and some Elmer's glue. I had pictures and a tutorial in mind until said pictures were destroyed from a faulty file transfer. Some other day I suppose.

Until next time. "Excelsior!"

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