October 13, 2014

Quick Basing Tip

(Originally posted 9/25/13) Just a quick update for some of the simplistic techniques I used when getting through my Scyrah battlegroup. The first one is for basing. With the Scyrah, seeing as how I hate this project and wanted it to be over quickly, I found that grass and dirt would be one of the quickest basing routes I could take. However, the perfectionist in me wanted to do grass and dirt correctly; I wanted footprints in the ground and grass surrounding the feet of those walking on it because...well, it's grass. More after the jump.

So I wanted to make footprints, but I didn't want to use the models themselves for obvious reasons. Luckily, I save every scrap of plasticard I have leftover from each project, cut some up, glued it together and voila! Footprint-makers:

Next I started my normal basing process only after applying the flock, I pressed my footprint-makers into the flock creating footprints like so:

Once dried the white will dissipate which leaves the base's under-color exposed. No worries, though. Dirt will take care of this:

Next, I pinned the model to the base with a dab of glue for good measure:

Doll things up with some pigment and I was done:

That's it for this quick post. Next time I'll show you all some finished product.

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