October 13, 2014

Scyrah Complete

(Originally posted 10/18/13) Aaaaaaand boom. I'm finally finished with this project and...words can't really express how much joy that brings me. Screw Scyrah, screw white paint, screw this project! Note that I typed that with a smile on my face. Anywho, time for me to show off the last model and oddly enough the most fun to paint; Eiryss. I finally got to step away from white paint on this model because of her Mercenary-like status. Above is the final shot of this 15pt army (which will not grow any further than this,) and below, the last model. Pictures after the jump.

It's hard to tell with my crap-tastic camera, but I tried to work in some moon light type of effects with my airbrush, which in the end turned out great.

I can't take all of the credit, though. My friend's dog I was babysitting was quite helpful with this model.

Details were added carefully so I didn't mess up my moon light airbrushing attempt.

A little wash, a little paint, a little airbrushed cotton and voila, the final product.

Next up? Something a little more fun...

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