October 13, 2014

Look What I Did: 2013

(Originally posted on 1/7/14) It's a new year ladies and gents! And while I'm excited to get some things started I think it's important to take a little time to look back on all things in life, even the hobby. So while projects are coming, I want to take a bit to reminisce on 2013 and all that happened to me during that time.

While previous years were full of 40k and only 40k, this year took a bit of a shift. 2012 ended with a quick note to Santa where I asked for all thinks Slaanesh. And while I did get some models done in that department:

It's about as far as I got in the 40k department. In fact, I even took a new direction and decided to sell off some of my 40k armies:

I still have plans to work on the Slaanesh CSM army, but this year they were put on the back-burner in favor of Warmahordes. It started with my first trip to Adepticon:

Where I met up with some great friends:

Got a free starter kit for WMH in my goodie-bag:

And had just a great (albeit confusing) time all around:

So I took what I had learned from the classes I took there to finish my free kit:

And I bought a new army and did some work on that one:

I even branched out further into Infinity, Heroclix and got back into DnD:

And while not everything I did was serious business...

It was a great year.

So goodbye to 2013 and here's to an amazing 2014!

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