October 13, 2014

CSM Cultists Complete

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(Originally posted on 4/23/14) I started this army...a while ago, with this very unit. That was back in 2012, right after the new CSM book came out. I put this project on hold after the 6th or 7th model in this unit to pursue Warmachine and then abstract canvas painting (I even got into a gallery, whaaaaat?). But it's April of 2014, over a year later and I've got the 40k itch back. So while I was at Adepticon I purchased the rest of what I needed for my army (the list has changed for a millionth time, but that's a post for another day.) So when I got home from Chicago I immediately went to work and I'm proud to say the Cultist unit is completely finished and ready for play. Now they just need the rest of the army to be built and painted... Anyway, picture dump time!

So here they are. Over the course of that year and a half I've changed cameras, shooting techniques, light boxes, painting techniques, etc. So the pictures and a few models vary a bit from each other, but not so much it drives me to start over on any of the pictures or models. These are all the cultists from the 6th Edition starter box, though a few I did conversions on so they have the CCW/Autopistol combination.

Cultists #1

Cultists #2

Cultists #3

Cultists #4

Cultists #5
(modified weaponry)

Cultists #6
(modified weaponry)

Cultists #7

Cultists #8
(modified weaponry)

Cultists #9
(modified weaponry)

Cultists #10
(modified weaponry)

And finally the unit all together.

More CSM to come!

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