October 13, 2014

Secret Weapon Markers and Hairspray Rust Technique

(Originally posted on 6/30/14) A quick post today. At Adepticon this year I picked up some of Secret Weapon's objective markers while in the same day taking a weathering class from Privateer Press' own Matt DiPietro. In the weathering class I decided these markers would be my first venture into the hairspray technique for rusting.

After cleaning and corking the models I busted out my airbrush:

First priming them brown:

Then using a mix of Skorne Red and Traitor Green (about a 6:1 ratio respectively):

Next I used the hairspray in two coats, however, I didn't use enough. So a word of warning to others attempting this technique, use two or three heavy coats to get this right. It'll save you a lot of work:

Next I went over them with Ironhull Grey (not airbrushing this time):

Finally, I used a soft-metal brush and water to brush away the top grey layer. Normally you should be able to use a lighter brush like a toothbrush, but I think my top layer was too thick and I didn't have enough hairspray layered. But they turned out just fine:

Until next time.

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