May 10, 2011

Shout Out: Mr. Lemon

So, it seems thanks to Mr. Lemon the completion of my AdMech army actually seems feasible. You see, I hate painting. I mega-loath it. If I had a choice between staying awake for 24 hours with my only source of entertainment being a ball of yarn or painting for 10 minutes, I would seriously debate the choice. Mr. Lemon being the superb painter he is (dude, make a friggin' blog!) offered up his painting services in exchange for some Space Marine models I no longer wanted. After he acquired what he wanted, out of the kindness of his heart and just for the fun of it (and for some Tomb Kings I promised him /wink) he's continuing on in painting the AdMech so I don't have to (and so they don't look awful.) Below is the next round of completed AdMech models touched by his brush.

Now I've come to understand that some people look down on those who have others paint their models. Attempts in castrating their target's pride until it's nothing but a shriveled, lifeless, un-airbrushed form left in numerous pieces. I've also come to understand that I couldn't care less what those people think and that their mothers may be incredibly obese.

With that out of the way, here are the two Gants I purchased a while back:
As you can see: Awesome. The AdMech Symbols on the doors are an elegant touch I really enjoy. If you can tell from these pics the joints on the legs are also in the same form as the AdMech Symbol. I love fielding these two in battle.

Next up are a few more Praetorians with special weapons:
The detail on these guys' wiring and limbs is astonishing. The Meltagun's powercable especially surprised me with its detail.

Once again, fine detail is taken into account on every nook and cranny of these infantry. Below are the Servitors:
You may be asking yourself, who did that amazing basing and quickshading? That guy is amazing! Oh yeah; that's me, baby. I can glue little rocks and brush wood varnish like a pro.

Next up, one of four Tech-Priest Enginseers. If you click to enlarge, you'll notice the detail on his wrist screen is even taken into account:

This next fella is a Tech-Priest Magos with a Servo-Arm, Combi weapon (las-melta) and a Cult Mechanicus Power Axe:

And finally, the Techmarine. I swore I took a front and back picture of this guy, but apparently not... Either way, this piece is probably my favorite out of all of these. Mr. Lemon took a lot into account when painting this guy and it really shows.
"Stick 'em up!"

So, in short. Thank you Mr. Lemon. Thank you for saving me back-pain, time and frustration all so my models look as supreme as the AdMech deserve.

PS: Make a blog, sir.

PSS: Seriously, make a blog.

The End.


  1. those are ridiculously awesome. So nice. I love the colors and the fantastic detail.

    Mr. Lemon- I agree: make a blog. So I can stalk you. =)

  2. This project gets better and better. The detailing really shows up now. Those gants especially look incredible painted up, absolutely perfect for what they are.

  3. OOoooh spider tanks. I might have to buy up some Sentinel legs and make my own (or wait till the new Tomb Spyder kits are out). Nicely done.

    I don't know if you or he took the pics, but turn on the Tungsten filter when you take snaps, that way the camera does the work of weeding out the yellow light in your shots. Also, you might want to crank the brightness/contrast settings in your photo software.

    Hmm.... I might do a photo-processing article on my blog about this...

  4. A post on photo-taking would rock! Unfortunately, all I have is my phone and it doesn't even have a flash, much less tungsten filter or brightness/contrast settings.. /sigh

    Soon I'll have another phone, maybe it'll have what I need. =)

  5. @Lo
    He does indeed need to make one. I love all his work. He's got a Chaos Space Marine HQ that would knock your socks off!

    I agree. The paint really shows off what the models 'got!

  6. Awesome stuff! I always loved the MAStudio walker tanks, and those turned out looking sharp! I also love all the subtle little conversions on the Techpriests, beautiful work all around. Can't wait to see what's next! Ave Omnissiah!

  7. Much thanks Mordian, I really dig your AdMech, too!

  8. Ummm. . . wow. My usual sarcasm is at a loss here. Honestly, the great conversion work Lantz does really brings the models to life. The paint just enhances that.

    We have a couple of other very talented painters in our group that always amaze me. Ghenghis Vaughn, at the Midnight Shift, has some incredible stuff to show (if he ever updates his blog). And a man we'll call Mr. D has some Dark Elves and a particular Necron model that are freaky incredible. Especially, for a guy who just started painting miniatures a year ago. He has a real talent.

    I guess being surrounded by some really talented painters has rubbed off on me.

  9. All three of you put my painting skills to shame... =P