May 11, 2011

Community Help: Dreadnought Magnets

Hello everyone in the internet-lands. If you're sick of hearing about Adeptus Mechanicus this and that, I've got good news for you! This post will not involve them at all, except that last thing I said when I mentioned their name...yeah... Anywho, yesterday I received an email from a reader by the name of Reid asking me for some help on his Dreadnought and how to magnet the arms for it. While I used to play Space Marines, the only Dreadnoughts I owned were Black Reach, so I feel I would be as helpful on this one. That's where you all come in. Check out the email below and post your feedback to help out your fellow gamer.


I have been reading your site lately- it's super helpful.  I want to magnetize the arms on a standard GW Dreadnought, but I'm not sure what size magnets to use.  Going by the pattern of your other magnets, I'd have to guess a 1/4" x 1/32" magnet.  Do you think that would be strong enough to avoid drooping?

Thank you!

Now, my suggestion, without having gone through this myself, would be that if he's only using the standard GW Dreadnought (which from what I recall has no metal parts,) that will probably be strong enough. I would suggest the D401-N52's as these will be a bit stronger than the D401's for a not-so-massive price increase, just in case.

On the flipside, if you ever plan on having metal arms attached, like from the Venerable Dreadnought, you may want to go with D41's or D41-N52's, and honestly, I'm not sure if these are even strong enough as I've never owned a Venerable.

With all of that said, I want to turn to the community on this. Surely one of you have been in this exact situation. If anyone could shed some light on their experiences so we can help out our fellow man, post a comment below!


  1. D41-N52's are my standard magnet for dang near anything. They work great for DN arms in my very limited experience.

  2. Honestly I actually use B4201 rectangular magnets. This on the plastic dreads makes sure your arms point forward when mounted right. I find that slanting the magnet on the arm side allows you that dynamic look.