May 9, 2011

Conversion: Iron Father and Iron Hands Kitbash

Hello and welcome back. Today I've got a kitbash I performed last week in an attempt to get my squad of Iron Hands and Iron Father completed and looking dandy. This conversion took a lot more time and effort than I anticipated, but the turnout was completely worth it. After the break I'll show you what all I used in this conversion and how I went about it all. So come along, won't you?

First, the products I used for this kitbash. There is one Iron Father and five Iron Hands I wanted to create, so here's the list of what I used to accomplish exactly this:
Using the legs and arms/hands from the Iron Hands set and the MaxMini bits should allow every model to have at least two or more mechanical limbs. Planning out what items go with which model beforehand is a very important step in this process. I wanted every model aside from the Iron Father to have as equal as possible mechanical upgrades:

For those using a MaxMini leg, a simple cutting-off of the normal leg for its replacement was simple enough:

As for the Iron Hands, that's about all there is to it. I simply took the rest of the pieces at hand and mixed and matched what items I wanted where:

Now, the Iron Father took a bit more effort. For this guy I wanted a special pose with him thrusting his Servo-Arm at an opponent. First, I needed a Servo-Arm. I took an old sprue from the Stalker Tank I purchased a while back and clipped off two sections, combining them with a plasticard tube joint:

After this I took some bits from an old Gundam model for the caps on the joint:

Next I clipped off one of the exhaust ports on the Iron Father's pack and glued the Servo-Arm in place with the pose I had struck:

I also planted a smaller plasticard tube for the "hydrolic" support:
Quite The Fearsome Nob, There

The "Servo-Hand" once again involved a gutted bit from an old Gundam model, along with another plasticard tube for the joint and some GS for the caps:

After this was finished, I did enjoy how it came out, but I wanted a little more added. I had recently completed a casting session (for models...err, plastic miniatures) and had some excess resin that dried in a unique form underneath my mold. I took this and clipped it appropriately so it looks like the sword is making a "swooshing" motion as I call it. I may end up removing this, but for now I think it looks snazzy:

For more detail I added in a power cable from the Servo-Arm to the pack:

Since these pictures I've actually added some more detail to the Servo-Arm, but have since primed this guy black and forgot to take some snapshots before doing so, so I won't have much to show until it's painted (and I will definitely take pictures of that.) Until these guys are fully done, this is the Iron Father in all of his glory:
Goosebumps. You have them.

More conversions on the way. Stay tuned.


  1. Rivets.

    That is all

  2. I kinda want to se him on a bigger base with some thematic basing bits going on. That's a lot of model there.

    That "swooshing" bit is just begging for some directed-lighting effects from the power sword to look cool. Also, I'd build up that servo arm a bit more? Maybe ad a power cable snaking to the claw, and some optics or something.

    It's a great start!

  3. @The Mysterious Guy
    Noted, will do.

    I actually added some areas on the arm for the hydrolics to give into when it's a closed arm (on both sides,) as well as a power cable to the claw. Reading my mind. ;)

    Optics is a good idea, totally doing that.

  4. I'd add a waffle iron and a t-shirt cannon.

  5. You, sir, are a genius.