May 2, 2011

Conversion: Kthulo

A while back some friends and I started up a game called Gamma World. For those of you who don't know what it is or don't know that the bright purple letters indicate you can click on the words for a link; Gamma World is similar to Dungeons and Dragons in that it follows the same format of stat lines, dice rolling, etc. That's where the similarities end and the nonsense begins. Rather than being placed in an olde world fantasy setting, Gamma World takes place in current-time where every parallel universe has clashed with one another to form a central post-apocalyptic world full of ant-men, frogs made of hotdogs, donkey-rabbits and farmland that talks to you with a foreign accent as you pass on by. So how does this relate to a conversion? More after the break.

All characters in Gamma World are rolled randomly using a primary class and a subclass. My character, Kthulo, is a Hypercognitive as a primary class and a Swarm as a secondary class. For some reason I decided he was a swarm of Octopi (the image above making up what I believe to be the best representation I could find on the net. Woop woop woop woop!) As a swarm, multiple octopi make up his humanoid form; one for a head, one for each hand and a bunch to make up all of the rest. He also has harpoons for hand-weapons, a harpoon gun as a ranged weapon and wears a hooded robe to keep his little body-guys from getting too much sun. Not being that proficient at GS, I needed a base model to make such an intricate being come to life:
Behold, The Only Point In Time Where I Will Purchase A WHF Figure

I had more pictures for my process, but somehow ended up deleting them, so I don't have that much to share visually, but I'll explain my process. First, I tossed the scythe-head aside so the weapon could be turned into a harpoon via GS. Secondly I did some very delicate shaving to his right hand to turn skeletal fingers into tentacles. Next I removed the head and left hand via a dremmel tool which took a bit more effort than I thought it would.

After all the prep work, it was time to GS. The harpoon head was easy enough, just careful sculpting and shaving once dried. For the "feet" I wanted tentacles spread out among the base, almost gripping onto it. For the left hand I went with very long and thin tentacles coming from the sleeve along with two little eyes which I find quite adorable if I do say so myself:

After this it was a big glob of GS formed for the head and tentacles draping down from it:

Two more eyes for the head and two more tiny eyes for the right hand and there we have our Zoidber....err, Kthulo:

It may be a while before this guy sees some paint, but I'll be sure to post pictures for it.

Later days!


  1. Damn good GS work! Now the downside, YOU Lantz! MUST paint it! The zoid demands it!

  2. That is hysterical! We've played a few one-shot games of Gamma World between our usual RPGs, and it's definitely been a hoot.

  3. Awesome character concept and conversion. Sounds like both were a ton of fun.

  4. @MWC
    I really would try, but every time my hand reaches for a brush it does the oddest thing. It...well, it punches me in the neck.

    I agree, a very fun game. Our DM does a good job of making it entertaining as well. Last week we went into a zombie-infested town and for some reason there were two dinosaurs just to the side of the road fighting over a stick of butter. I'm pretty sure I was laughing for a full minute.

    Dear god, I hope not!

    It was a lot of fun to make, and a little scary. This was my first real attempt at sculpting with GS. I think it turned out pretty good considering.