May 21, 2011

Conversion: Tech-Priest Transmechanic Take Two

That was a lotta' T's...Anywho, I'd like to thank Kane of Tales from the Maelstrom for the new 40k OSR link image to the right. If you haven't seen his work I suggest you go check it out. And with that, if you haven't checked out Porky's 40k OSR you need to go do that as well (by clicking the mentioned, convenient little button to the right,) to see some of the newest work out there.

Speaking of work, we all have some conversions we're not 100% happy with. Either something is missing, there's too much of something else or we want to just start all over again. If you can recognize the formers than you are fortunate enough to avoid the latter. I've ran across this a few times during the AdMech development, and while I've forgotten to take pictures of my changes before priming occurred, this one I did not. If you remember my post on my Transmechanic, this is the model I've taken a second wack at. You see, even with the special Servo-Harness he has going, I still felt he looked too similar to the Magos. To change this up I decided to change up the harness a bit and add in a Staff of Office. Pics after the break.

There's not much in the way of my process here as it was just trial and error, but below is the finished product.
As you can see from the above pictures I shortened the Flamer as it looked a tad ridiculous with its previous length. I also raised the Plasma-Cutter arm above his head giving him an immediately noticeable height difference from the Magos. Along with that, I placed a Staff of Office in his previously empty hand. This took some careful shaving of the hand and a bunch of plasticard tubes. The main staff is a tube on either side of the hand. The top of the staff is a plasticard tube cut down in a spiral using fingernail clippers while the length of the staff is covered in "power circuitry" using very tiny plasticard tubes.

As a side note, I had to shave down his base a tad more as it was taller than the average GW base. I'd been using a disc on my dremmel (which takes way too much work and attention,) my glasses for goggles and my shirt for a breathing filter. After getting fed up with the disc and the amount of time it takes, flicking myself in the eye as my glasses aren't that big and spending hours smelling my manly musk meant to attract the ladies and not myself; I decided to make some changes:

That's all for now folks, more on the way!


  1. Awesome. I really like the flamer and the Doc Oc look he's got going on.

  2. I'm liking that very much. It is how I have alway's thought a tech would look like in real life. Human form but all sort's springing from him being able to do anything at a drop of a hat.

    Very nicely done can't wait to see him painted.

  3. Wow, proper safety gear. I'm sure all the resin dust you inhaled previously will cause no ill effect. :)

  4. Thanks everyone, I'm much happier with this second attempt.

    I threw up a small section of my liver yesterday, but other than that I'm fine.