May 17, 2011

Shout Out: Fluff Writing Team

I haven't been posting much about the fandex lately, but that's certainly not due to its evolution not taking on a force of the gods. In the last few months I've been working diligently on the rules for the dex, and only the rules to help get the next version pushed out as fast as possible. However, the only reason I've been able to focus 100% on the rules is thanks to a few individuals who have granted me with their presence in the dex as the official fluff writers after responding to a post I had made on MWC. After several entries, I read over all the sample fluff that was submitted and chose four people truly fit for the job. Who are these magical beings and how are you to know their skills with written word aren't anything less than brilliant? More after the break.

First I want to let you all know that come the next version of the dex, we will not only have fluff for the new units making an appearance, but the dex will also include pages of AdMech fluff for nothing more than fluff's sake. If you're like me, you want some flavor with your rules; and lots of it. This was and is a major flaw with the previous and current fandex available to the public. While major fluff content was something I was going to hold off on until the fourth version of the dex, I feel at this point that the rules are solidifying enough that I could accomplish this task in the time-frame I had in mind for release of the third version. And, no, I'm not telling you what that time frame is. I learned my lesson with that already.

I could have taken on the fluff writing I wanted to include myself, I really could. The problem with that is it would have been awful. And I'm talking Ritz crackers four years past their expiration date awful (I don't want to talk about it.) If you've read the fluff currently in the dex already, you know my overabundance of commas and overly structured writing style can get pretty dry, very quickly. I make no apologize for this; I'm a numbers person. I like math and structure, it's who I am and it's why I'm capable of taking on the fandex's rules. But for this project, something I've poured my heart into for the last year, I wanted the fluff to be something to drool over.

And it truly is.

Currently I have four creative minds hard at work to put forth the fluff this fandex deserves and everything they've submitted to me so far has been jaw-dropping. So let's get to know the team, shall we?

First up (in alphabetical order. See? Structure,) is Comissar Carrie. Carrie is an avid fluff writer and posts a lot of her work on her blog, Inquisitork. While she has a lot of content on her blog, I am especially fond of the Radical multi-part series she's currently working on. If you have yet to check this out I suggest you do so, it's a gripping read.

Second, we have David Terragon. David just two weeks ago became the newest writer for MWC, currently covering the many Ork units available in gameplay and also runs the youtube channel found here. This channel is full of informative tutorials for all you hobbyists out there, and much more.

Next up, Tad Lemon aka IceStation Lemon. Unfortunately Tad doesn't have a blog of his own; not for lack of me trying to get him to create one. I know Mr. Lemon personally and I game with him on a weekly basis, shooting pie plates and flame templates back and forth. However, while he is a superb 40k player, he's an even greater writer. Since I've known him he's been creating rules for games, running campaigns and doing all manner of creative writing just for the enjoyment. Maybe someday I can convince him to make a blog so he can share all of his work.

Last, but certainly not least, we have Sam Rhee. Sam is the creator of the blog Hive Zero and joined onto MWC shortly after myself as a full-time writer. His blog and writings on MWC include product reviews and brilliant tutorials with intelligent picture editing to help his readers.

With their powers combined!..the next version of the fandex is going to start looking more like a finished product and will give the fans of fluff something amazing to delve into. More to come, so stay tuned.

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  1. I've always said that people who claim they don't care about fluff aren't playing miniature wargames.

    Can they honestly say they would have just as much fun pushing around empty bases and using flavorless lines of stats?

    Even diehard "historical" gamers care about the fluff. They just call it history.