May 14, 2011

Game Time With The AdMech

Praetorians vs Bloodcrushers. I Wonder Who Will Win? Yeah, Not Really...

Over the last couple of months I've been playtesting AdMech for the new version of the fandex, but during this time I've had actual finished models thanks to Mr. Lemon. So I thought I'd post up some of the pics of our battles. Not much text in this article, just a quick picture dump of our adventures. More after the break:

Another Shot Of Their Impending Doom

A Bloodletter Climbing Over The Wrong Wall. For Some Reason Chaos SMs Decided To Join Me In This Battle.

A Couple Shots Of Praets Guarding Objectives

One Of The More Epic Games We Played. Thanks Go To Eric For Setting Up This Amazing Terrain.

And Finally, A Most Epic Standoff: Praetorians, a Gant, Knight Titan (proxy,) Textura (currently a crater) and Deff Dread Holding Off A Monolith, Rhino of 1000 Sons, Rhino of Chaos SMs and a Necron Warrior Unit. We Secured The Steam Nipple In The End.

That's all for now. More on the way!


  1. So many games, so many victories. The unstoppable warmachine of the ad mech continues its march to victory.

  2. I'm not sure what games you've been watching. I recall some losses, a whole mess of ties and three wins. Go go CaC!

  3. Nice job! Some great looking pictures, it sounds like it was a really fun game. Looking forward to seeing more of this!

  4. I'm actually reading _your_ batrep right now!

    Thanks, it was a fun game.