May 4, 2011

Conversion: Simple Servo-Arm

Witness; A Future Slag-Pit Servitor. Dare To Dream Little Guy. Dare To Dream...

Welcome back. Work on the AdMech models is coming along nicely so far. I'm still waiting on three more packages in the mail, but until then I've kept myself busy. In this post I'm going to run over a tutorial for a quick and simple Servo-Arm. I had cast a Tech-Priest earlier in the week and eventually wanted to make a Transmechanic out of it. Having one missing arm I had yet to cast, I decided to take another approach. More after the break.

For this little guy, being a "super Enginseer" if you will, I wanted him to be more "mechanic-ee" than other Tech-Priests. This is a simple conversion, but really sets the mood for what I believe a Tech-Priest Transmechanic looks like. I started out with some tiny plasticard tubes, using a large one for the arm and two tiny ones that pose as actuators:

Next I took an L plasticard piece and cut two thin L's out of it:

And a tiny snippet of a small plasticard tube:

Together, these pieces will make the claw of the Servo-Arm:

Glue them together, and voila!

As for the rest of the Tech-Priest, I wanted a Servo-Harness since he comes equipped with one automatically. I found an old Doc-Oc figure when I moved recently and decided to use one of his claws for the second Servo-Arm hand:

After this, I took some power cables I bought from Dragonforge and glued them to the appropriate indentions on his backpack:

Applied the plasma-cutter from a plasma pistol and some plasticard I had lying around and the same with the flamer:

And there we have it, a Transmechanic that looks pretty snazzy:

Once this guy is painted, I'll get him posted up!

Until next time.


  1. is that a resin cast Priest?

  2. always loved that claw grabbing toy! lol

  3. Nice one! I never thought about using an L bracket cut-off for claws, but it looks like it works out really well. I'll have to give that a try!

  4. @Lo
    Yeppers, with a few modifications I made before casting.

    Me, too. lol

    It looks pretty snazzy in the end. I kind of think it looks more like what a Servitor's Servo-Arm would look like, but for this guy I think it works.

  5. A moment of silence for Doc Ock please, now that he's an amputee. . .