May 7, 2011

Conversion: Titan Tech-Priest

So much to post about these days... With the fandex going, the Necrons coming out soon and all of this conversion work, I've been strolling the streets of Busytown as of late. Speaking of the fandex, I'd like to thank Porky's Expanse! and Miniature Wargame Conversions for their posts on it. I had seen a laps in downloads of the new version, which I'm having a hard time explaining since I've gotten few complaints since its release last month. Anyway, I appreciate both of their efforts to help me out in this dex's creation as well as a big thanks to everyone out there who has promoted my site, the fandex, playtested or emailed me on the dex. Every bit helps and I'm very grateful. On the subject of "pimping" my site, I've added a section on the left called "The Magnet Pro Mentions", with links to mentions about my blog. Okay, all of that aside, here's the meat of the post; I recently purchased my first Forge World model, a Titan Tech-Priest. More after the break.

Today I have a quick conversion I did for my Tech-Priest I got in the mail recently. First of all, this is a beautiful model, very well done. The price isn't outrageous either, which is hard to find on Forge World's store. Anywho, in my fandex, there's many weapon options available to all of the Tech-Priests. One wargear I've always enjoyed is Combi- weapons. And really, anything that fills more than one role at once pleases me. With the Combi-Lasguns in my fandex I like to use here and there, the Tech-Priest deserved a weapon kit I bought over a year ago: Chapterhouse Studios' Combi Weapon Magnetic Kit.
The original intent for this weapon was for my Ultramarine's Sternguard Veterans I was working on. But since the UMs went the way of the Dodo Bird in my gaming life, I've had them sitting around collecting dust. The kit is phenomenal. At only a mere five dollars now (seven when I bought them,) each "bolter" comes a Grenade Launcher attachment, Plasmagun attachment, Meltagun attachment and Flamer attachment along with enough magnets to make them all hot-swappable.

As for the Tech-Priest, it pained me to clip anything off of the beautifully-made model itself, but the chain he's holding needed to be clipped from his left hand in order to place the new lasgun on there. The hand is in a perfect pose for such a thing, merely clipping the handgrip in a way so we can make it look like there's a finger on the trigger creates the illusion that the chain is attached to the bottom of the grip of his weapon. With the removal of the gun barrel, along with a new barrel that's more "lasgun-ee", this is now a Combi-Lasgun worth it's pickles.

Another tidbit for you all, the sprues that the model's pieces came on, when cleaned up a tad, look like road blocks/highway dividers. Perfect for those city-scape battlefields out there.

That's about all for now, just a quick and easy conversion. There's a lot more where this came from, however. So stay tuned!


  1. No trouble. It's hard not to be inspired when you're posting things like this.

  2. So, a quick question about your poll:

    Are there non-Chaos Daemons?

  3. @Porky
    Thanks, that's very kind of you to say! Hopefully I'll have more posted this week you'll enjoy.

    That's more me copying what the official codex has written on the cover, so you may want to ask GW on this. ;)

  4. Cool. I've had more time recently to look deeper and it's an inspiring thing.

    As for non-Chaos daemons, there's an idea. How might that look?

    @ C'nor - Why not follow it up?

  5. Nice to see I'm not the only one saving the resin sprues for barricades and such!

  6. @Porky:

    I might, at that. It's probably a good idea to own the rulebook first though.