June 20, 2011

Shout Out: Señor Darrel

Hello and welcome back! Today's post will be another picture dump of sorts, with a Shout Out to my buddy Señor Darrel. If you remember my light-bright Monolith project from almost exactly a year ago, this project will look a tad familiar. This thing, thanks to Necron's rules becoming worse and worse as more 5th Edition codices come out, has been collecting dust in the mean time. It was only when Señor Darrel offered to paint it up in exchange for using it in a local tourney did this thing come off the shelf. After the amazing painting job I slapped on some Quickshade and anti-shine varnish, put all the glowy tubes back in and voila! Now, even with all of the AdMech progress, this thing is easily in my top three favorite projects now that it's completed. Below are the showings-off of Darrel's painting expertise, enjoy!

Bright, Light Off:

 Dark, Light On:

Bright, Light On:
Now, Señor Darrel and I lie in wait of some updated rules...

As a side-note, I'll be away from the blog-o-sphere for most of this week, so expect few if any updates.

Later days.


  1. Wow, that looks good. The Necron's deserve a new Codex just so that thing can hit the table more often.

  2. I love it; Darrel did a great paint job. Now I just need to count the days till the new dex comes...

  3. The Monolith looks good because it's an amazing looking model and just impressive to see hit a table, even if it fits together not so well.

    Your immense hatred of painting aside, Lantz I think you over estimate how simple it was to rub two shades of green along the creases of the Monolith and then run some black to clean up the errant green blobs I left behind. It seriously could have been done in 4-6 hours if I didn't have to reprime it after I had it 1/3 of the way done. But that's what I get for not giving it the once over before I just started painting.

    But it was still an awesome trade. I got to paint something I love, and ruin peoples lives at a tournament. If only you could have seen the faces of the people who were walking around checking out the possible armies they were going to play, and then you see the smile dissappear from their face when they saw three monoliths. Not one, not two...

  4. It is a gorgeous model no matter how you spin it.

    The thing with painting isn't its difficulty, I just don't enjoy it to the point of hatred. My paint scheme for my 'crons isn't hard to accomplish by any means, I'd just rather spend my time converting so primed models just sit on the shelf for a year, lol. And sorry about having to reprime, I should have warned you on that.

    An awesome trade indeed, wish I could have been there to see the faces of forlornness.