June 10, 2011

Conversion: Luceo Rollers

Yeah, Pretty Much...

This time around I've got a small look into one of the new units coming out in the next version of the fandex; Luceo Rollers. These little guys are essentially scrapped-together drones that carry an explosive around with them. To accomplish this I purchased some models from Black Cat Bases which I reviewed over at MWC this week. This is a pretty simple conversion, but works in a basing strategy that turned out well. More after the jump.

First I clipped out the pegs on the cameras as I wanted them a little less top-heavy and carved out the indention on the base of the treads to help make these things shorter:

Next I took some bomb-looking bits from my bits box and cut off the handles on them:

After gluing the model together I applied the bombs to them like so:

Now for the basing, I wanted these little guys kicking up some dirt, so I laid the basing down, first:

Then I slowly built up the gravel using layers of glue one line at a time:

Finally, I glued the Luceo Rollers onto the bases and did a bit of touchup on the basing to make it line up with the treads:

That's all for now. More on the way!


  1. That is awesome. I bet that took awhile to achieve. It really gives them a sense of speed.

  2. It's a little more "clumpy" than what I was going for, but I still think it turned out better than if I used GS to help out the basing. If the models were MC sized, I definitely used GS, but with their size I thought this was the best way to go.