June 14, 2011

Conversion: Leman Russ Butcher

Pretty Scary, Right?

Just a quick conversion for today. The Leman Russ variants are a pivotal part of the Heavy slot choices in the fandex, currently and in the upcoming version 3. While I wanted each one to have a unique look, for the way the Butcher works I felt a big ol' cannon would do the trick. More after the jump.

For this conversion I used one of the weapons from the original Leman Russ kits for the Demolisher as a starting point. I did want a bit of a longer barrel without sacrificing the diameter of the barrel (story of my life,) using two sets of plasticard that fit snugly with the cannon and each other:

Fitting them to the correct size before gluing I took this as what I envisioned:

I have the final result:

If anyone has some suggestions on anything more to add to make this weapon more unique, as always, post it up! More pew-pew to come. Stay tuned.


  1. Hoses. You can't have too many hoses.

  2. Where were you thinking? I wasn't sure power cables would work on a cannon, but I'm curious where you think they should go.

  3. Oh well. I was going to post a link to a relevant picture, but I can't find it*.

    *The image is the painting The Butcher, but it doesn't turn up in a Google search, and it isn't on Wikipedia. Frustrating, as I can easily find it in my copy of Arts and Ideas.

  4. You don't have to get fancy with cables. You could wrap one around the cannon and insert into it's side. Or you could have a power cable coming out of one of the supports on the side of the barrel.

    Just adding a hose makes the cannon look different then anything else the Russ supports.

  5. I like the cables coming out of the supports idea, I'll tinker with that and update this post.

  6. Reading over the entry for the butcher it states that there are multiple small munitions that are fired. What if you filled the Harrell with multiple smaller barrells for the delivery system?

  7. I never considered that. Though since each shot is based off the previous, I kind of pictured all the shots coming from the same barrel.