June 7, 2011

Shout Out: Mr. Lemon 2
(The New Camera Story)

"Geez, get a lightbox you two."

For this Shout Out I'm back to Mr. Lemon and his painting talents. If you haven't seen the previous post with his work on my models, I suggest you got check it out. However, this time around we'll have a little twist added in. After almost three years I finally have a new camera, and well... it's a poop-load better than my previous one. So going down the line of photos we'll transition from one camera to the other and we'll see if you, the viewer, can spot the change. The first one to do so wins smug satisfaction. Aaaaand, go!

First up we have the Robot Maniple. You'll remember them from my conversion post. Each has been painted with the AdMech red on top of their mechanical-ee silver. If you look closely (and squint with one eye because this camera sucks,) you'll notice an AdMech gear is free-hand painted on each of their chests:

Next up it's the heavy weapon Servitors. Multi-melta Hank and Plasma Cannon Joe. If you can tell from the photos, PC Joe's left hand has amazing detail on it; I can't help but stare every time I pick him up:

Now, for a change of pace *cough cough* we have magnificently painted Iron Hands and Iron Father. These guys aren't in the current version of the fandex, but I wanted to show off the finished product anyway:

After looking at the newer pics they seem a tad too bright. I'll find a happy medium with my next Shout Out to Mr. Lemon. And ho-boy are there some sexy looking minis coming up.

Stay tuned.


  1. That new camera is really nice. You should post pics of some of our groups figs. They all have amazing models that need to be shown off.

  2. I actually meant to bring this up at last week's game: