June 13, 2011

More Game Time With The AdMech

Well, I hit a milestone on Monday. It started with a couple of my gaming buddies wanting to go up to our FLGS to play some 1850 games in preparation for their tournament. I've never actually played a game of 40k in public before; you can chalk it up to my less than average playing skills, inability to retain rule-knowledge or never having painted models, but the fact of the matter is I've avoided tournaments and public play as a general rule. However, at this point in my gaming carrier I've developed a functioning rulebook for the AdMech, I have actual painted models; and while my memory problems still haven't changed, two out of three ain't too shabby. More after the break.

I decided I'd finally give it a whirl, so I made my list, packed up my models and to my surprise with an 1850 list I only had to proxy one model. As I left my apartment I stopped by the mailbox and found that one of my models had come in, and its point cost was almost exactly what my proxy's was. With a bit of point dancing I managed to fit it in. It didn't hit me until I had all of my models out on the table, but I did finally realize I have a 1850+ points of AdMech without proxies. That's pretty major in my book. So here's a few photos of that game along with some photos of our weekly games.
Trying to hold off a three Monolith list

The Iron Hands assaulting a Lord and failing miserably...
They don't see the paint-pot Immortals behind them! Look out!

Overabundance of Drop Pods makes me sad...

The Sisters assisting me in keeping a Command Squad at bay

A sneaky Leman Russ Vladd pattering a Monolith as it makes numerous Cover Saves

Some Termies in for a world of hurt!

Well, it seems I'm trucking along faster than I thought. Saturday a buddy of mine wanted to play me in as many points as I could muster. After sitting down and calculating it all up I had just shy of 2700 points. After proxying a couple of models I got myself up to 3000 and I went up against Grey Knights and Codex Bike Marines. What follows is our epic battle.
The starting setup.

Some Scouts sneakin' in on my Leman Russ squadron.

The Forsaken shambling up to a Command Squad...this didn't end well for me.

A Strike Squad molesting my Praetorian's Gant...this also didn't end well...

After their smug victory, the Luceo Rollers came in for a surprise!
(I know you guys don't know what Luceo Rollers are, yet. Soon, very soon.)

And the Iron Hands and Iron Father going toe to...uh, tire with a Command Squad.

This game went well, though we only had time to go to turn three. I ended up winning (Pitched Battle, Annihilation) 11 to 7, though had the game continued I'm not sure I would have come out on top. Up to this point my rolls were all phenomenal, and theirs were okay to sub-par. I was also playing a long-range shooting army against two armies with little long-range fire. The little they had I took out early on, namely the shooty-Dreadnought the Grey Knights brought along and from that point on it was eliminating things before they got to me. All in all a great day for playtesting. On that note, version 3 of the fandex is coming soon, people. Just be patient, you won't be disappointed.

Just a few more pictures to add. This one was from a 9000pt game five of my gaming buddies played a few days ago. They let me bring 3000pts on my team of 4500 which used the same list from the pictures above. This time the SM bikes were on my side providing quite the in-your-face screen for me to sit back and pick off what I could. We played against 1500pts of Drop Pod Marines, Necrons and Foot Guard.
Our battlefield setup in the new game room. Ahhh, carpet is so much nicer on my feet and back after 5 hours of gameplay.

My biker buddies charging in on some Foot Guard.

My tower becoming very convenient for cup-holding ease.

My Cult Abomination, a little depressed that the Robot Maniple had to take out his target due to his shooting abilities sucking that round.

More battle-pics in the future. Stay tuned.

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