June 5, 2011

Conversion: Leman Russ Vladd

Welcome back. This week I've got a conversion that I really enjoyed and will be the envy of all of my small-weaponed friends; the Leman Russ Vladd. This thing comes equipped with a Conversion Beamer, and while there's a model for this weapon in the Codex: Space Marines, I always felt the only S10 weapon in the dex was less than impressive model-wise. For my Conversion Beamer I wanted something that really stood out against all other weapons and gave a clear indication as to how small my manhood really is, err. Anyway. If you have seen my review of Armorcast over at MWC you'll recognize the weapon I'm speaking of. More after the break.

First, I'd like to say that I tried as hard as I could to use this entire weapon-model for the Conversion Beamer. I mean, look at it! This thing is such a great model I wanted to get full use out of it.

Unfortunately I felt that one silly-looking Leman Russ for my army was enough. So, with a heavy heart I took my dremmel, shed some tears and cut into this thing... It still hurts to talk about...

After shaving the thing down to the precise size for the turret-mount, I applied some of the stronger magnets I had on hand to the back of it which will fit with the magnets in the turret.

And voila! A Leman Russ Vladd that clearly isn't modeled for winning (Conversion Beamers need 42" to get S10 for those of you who live under a rock.) While having a extremely long barrel will hinder me in gameplay some, it's exactly how I saw a Vladd modeled and it also lets the ladies know what's up.

So many more conversions on the way, folks. Stay tuned.


  1. It looks a little front heavy. You should place some servitors out in front of it with sticks to keep it balanced.

  2. Maybe a little hover-bot tied to the end as well. =P

    I worried about balancing the front end of this thing as I was working on it. But even for a hollow chassis, the Leman Russ is more than heavy enough to outweigh the weapon. Even if it is of respectable size... *cough*

  3. Scale, man. That gun is just too darned big for the Russ chassis. You ought to make longer, flatter tank-body to hold it; something along the lines of an Israeli Merkava.

  4. Length of the barrel; definitely. But the diameter of the hole looks fine. Being a bit of an extreme size was kind of the point, though. A Conversion Beamer to me should look a tad ridiculous with the power it puts out. Overall I'm happy with it, though.