June 8, 2011

Conversion: The Forsaken

Wrong Forsaken

I'm back with another conversion for the AdMech. This time around it's The Forsaken. I must say finding appropriate models for this unit has been quite the task, but after Matt over at MWC sending me a link about a month ago to Blight Wheel Miniatures I had finally found them. Now, if you've read my review of these guys over at MWC you'll be caught up to speed about what to expect. These guys all came with numerous bits and after my conversion every model out of the twenty is completely unique from one another. How did I accomplish this? Find out after the jump.

The only problem I came across with this conversion is these guys came with numerous bits that have shooting weapons on them. If you've read the dex, you know the Forsaken don't shoot any weapons. So to turn shooty into stabby I ended up clipping off the little mini-gun portion of these bits and replacing them with random sharp and spiky things from my bits box:

Ork chainsword:

Tech-Priest servo-hand:

Space Marine chainsword:

Kroot weaponry:

Imperial Guard CCWs:

More Kroot Weaponry:

I added in some chains from fantasy bits with various sharp-stuff on the ends of them as well. They all turned out wonderfully. I made half of them in a sort of slumped pose and the other half in a howling or striking pose:

I'm very happy with how this one turned out. The bits on these things are so very fragile, but they look just as I imagined; and I suppose that's what the fandex is all about, bringing my imagination to life:

Still more to come.


  1. The end result is fantastic, and the minis themselves have great proportions and posing. Blight Wheel even got a mention at BoLS this week through Tabletop Fix.

  2. That's awesome, they deserve it! I really like their designs.

  3. Damn nice conversions of already damn nice models! Kick ass work as always Lantzer!!

  4. Thanks! I'm glad I had enough pieces to make each one unique.

  5. Any chance of rebuilding the Reavers from the X-Men Marvel-verse? An Imperial Guard Cyborg KillTeam? >.>

  6. Ha! I never realized it, but they do look a little like the Reavers.