July 11, 2012

Shout Out: Standard Template Construct

Hello and welcome back. A quick break from the rules talk to share a new tidbit. I was offered to join in on a new blog called Standard Template Construct recently and will be posting regularly over there as well as here. I haven't decided how I'll go about splitting it or if I'll just share on both so no one misses out. Either way, I'm joined by Jack Redscorps, Aridmonk, Lucky No.5, DrkMorals, Citizensmith and HOTpanda; three lovely gents from all over the world ready to slap your ears around with awesomeness. We'll be covering everything from painting and conversions to rules and strategy as well as product reviews and rumors around the mill. Come check us out tomorrow when I'll be posting my own introduction.

And if you like what you read and you'd like to help us get the word out, here's a widget for your own blog:
Standard Template Construct

Stay tuned!

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