July 24, 2012

Look What I Did: New Tattoo And Swag

Hey there! I'm out of town for a day, so I thought this would be a great time to bring in a filler post. I've gotten a lot done over the past month and I mean a lot. And when I mean done, I'm talking about tattoos on my body (no naughty parts, sorry ladies,) painting and purchases to enhance my 6th Edition experience. Since I don't want to overwhelm with too big of a picture dump I'll show you all what's been depleting my wallet lately and save the painting album for later this week. More after the jump.

From the above picture you can see I went ahead and got some perma-AdMech art on my arm. I'm not one for quick decisions when it comes to permanent things, so deciding on this tattoo took me literally a couple of years. I'm very happy with the result and seeing as no one can read binary these days it's fun to come up with answers to "what does it say?" All hail the Omnissiah!

So with 6th Edition being my first edition-switch for me since I came in just as 5th Edition came out, I decided to opt in for the Gamer's Edition swag from GW. Everything that came with it is very nice quality aside from the objective markers, which I suppose are still good quality, but not metal as I was expecting. The satchel is far better than I expected considering everything you get for GW's price tag, and I'm actually using the hell out of it with my netbook.

Next up are some tokens I made for Ever-Living tokens, since I need to differentiate them from Resurrection Protocol tokens seeing as the rules for them differ. I bought these at Litko and mounted them on standard bases.

Next up are some markers I use for either Scarab AV reduction on enemy vehicles or, now with 6th Edition out, Hull Point markers on my own vehicles. They range in number from 1 to 13 and are incredibly handy. Check them out over at Genius Factory Games.

Next up are some generic markers I bought from Litko as well for standard use. Deathmark's marking their target, Triarch Stalkers marking twin-linked on a unit, wound counters, etc. These generic tokens are incredibly helpful, and like the Ever-Living tokens, have little circuit board markings on them; perfect for my Necron army.

I can't remember if I had written about these two items before, so I'll make sure I cover them here. The one on the left is from Litko as well and is Quantum Shielding markers for my vehicles which is quite handy for my seven-vehicle 1000pt list I love so much. The one on the right is from Micro Art Studio and is used for Reanimation Protocols. I've had these two groups of markers from very early on with the new Necron codex and they help keep my head on straight.

So let's move away from the markers/tokens for a bit. Realizing I need some clothing for the winter in the form of hoodies since I retain heat like a 13 year old pre-pubescent girl I decided to jump in on a deal at Spreadshirt last month and customize myself a hoodie. If you want to make your own hoodie, head on over to Spreadshirt and go for it! It's cheaper than you'd think. Just make sure the item you're putting on there isn't copyrighted material. Oddly enough the Necron symbol isn't.

Next up is a shirt from my favorite podcast, and one of the few podcasts I respect for rules discussion; The 11th Company. They have a wide selection of shirts over at their site so take a look and more importantly, take a listen.

Finally, with my lunch time at work extending out to twice what it was at my old job and my time spent out of the house being pretty average for a guy in his 20's, I decided to get more writing done I'd get myself a netbook, which is what I'm using to write this very post!

And that's what I've been up to as of lately. Needless to say my wallet hurts, but I'm happy with the purchases I've made. In my upcoming post I'll share what I've been up to painting-wise. Stay tuned.


  1. What does the Binary Code Read? Looks sweet by the way.

  2. Thanks, the top line is 'life' and the second is 'love'; implying artificial intelligence.

    I'm going to get 'hate' in the middle only because I didn't think of it at the time.