July 16, 2012

Codex: Necrons Re-Review Part III

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Welcome to the third and final installment of the Necron re-review. In this section I'll be going over the larger changes made to the dex in the wargear and special rules sections of the book as well as summing up my thoughts on the dex as a whole now that we've hit 6th Edition. It's time we settle the debate once and for all; are the Necrons uber powerful? The answer, after the jump.

Answer: Yes. Yes they are.

Simple enough! Moving right along...

Rule: Gauss
Like it or not, Gauss is back in all of its original 3rd Edition glory, now destroying anything that it gives a stern look to. Gauss really didn't change at all, but the name of the glancing game did. With vehicles reliably wrecking to glances, now, Gauss is back with a vengeance. In volume of fire can take out any vehicle of any armour value, including zooming flyers, though there are better solutions in this book for that.

Wargear: Hyperphase Sword
Well, not everything could improve... No one really took these things to begin with since the Warscythe exists (we'll get to that in a sec.) Either way, a seldom chosen weapon will be even more of a martyr with its new ability to let Terminators take their armour save.

Wargear: Mindshackle Scarabs
Hey, I'm really sorry about that depressing item above there... You know what will cheer you up? Something that's twice as great as it was before. Enter, Mindshackle Scarabs. Mindshackle Scarabs are just as good as they were before, only now they can make you invincible in challenges. I'm still unclear on whether the ability is used before or after you're in base to base contact with your challenged enemy, which will make a huge difference in its power, but rest assured, for 15 points this thing is still a steal, regardless.

Wargear: Phase Shifter
This piece on the other hand might see a lot less use. With the addition of the "Look out, sir" special rule, the 45 point price tag on the 3++ save is a little less enticing. The Overlords on barges may still see its use, but with 2+ armour being infinitely better than it was last edition combined with Mindshackle and LOS, the chances of your Overlord being killed off in combat are lessened.

Wargear: Quantum Shielding
I've gone over the usefulness of AV13 these days when I discussed the vehicles in Part I and II, so I won't go into much detail. Just know (as the Rhino Rush players will tell you,) AV 11 and below is going to feel the hurt in 6th Edition while AV13 and above still seem to be holding strong. As for AV12 in those other armies, I'm still undecided.

Wargear: Resurrection Orb
(Anyone Who Is Offended By This Is A Racist)

With the decrease in cover saves here and there, it's no surprise the Resurrection Orb is more important than it was before. Add in that one of the Warlord traits gives a unit FNP when they're close to an objective, any unit of robo-zombies can turn themselves into an unkillable point-holder.

Wargear: Sempiternal Weave
As I said above, 2+ saves are the business in 6th Edition. Everyone's power swords and similar weapons are now AP3 making Sempiternal Weave an auto-take on anything you can give it to. With its cheap price of 15 points, no one is going to argue against taking it.

Wargear: Tachyon Arrow
Tachyon Arrows were all the rage the first week the Necron's new codex came out. Slowly, though, the popularity drifted away when everyone started realizing the expense for a one-time shot just wasn't worth it. With the increased damage result of AP1, I debated its worth further and while it's undeniably a powerful shot, I still don't feel it's worth its price tag.

Rule: Tesla
If you live under a rock you may not have heard about Snapfire. If not, go back and read this whole re-review because Snapfire is everywhere. For Necrons and Tesla, it's our solution to lack of shots while Snapfiring and also one of our best solutions to Flyers (aside from our own Flyers of course.) When Snapfiring you need a roll of 6 to hit and when that weapon that's firing is Tesla, you'll get two additional hits as well. This makes things like the Twin-Linked Tesla Destructor very powerful in numerous instances. Tesla just got even better, folks.

Wargear: Warscythe
The FAQ has been very good to the Necrons in many ways, but none quite sums up the needless overabundance of power that has been bestowed upon them like the Warscythe: Already was the Warscythe a +2 strength power weapon that rolls 2D6 for armour penentration. So what changed? Oh, it got AP1 for no reason. If you were a fan of this weapon before, you've probably got a giant poster of it above your bed, now. Anything (especially vehicles) this thing touches dies, plain and simple.

Harbinger of Despair
For the Cryptek's wargear, I'll just go by the Harbinger titles for time's sake. Despair may be becoming the new black for a few reasons. First, Deep Striking is a lot safer than it used to be, so anyone who Deep Strikes will be doing so more often than they used to. The fact that DesTeks can do this anytime they want just gives them a boost. Another reason is the cheese that was Deathmarks with DesTeks last edition. You will only start to see these grouped together more now that Sniper weapons got a huge boost in usefulness. Finally, now that allies are in, the useless wargear that was the Nightmare Shroud of 5th Edition now has a use when combined with things that lower Leadership like the Psyker Battle Squad of the IG. A game winning tactic? No, but it now has application where as before it had none.

Harbinger of Destruction
These guys were good before and they're a little better now. The AP2 on their weaponry got a boost to killing vehicles (which is why you brought them to begin with,) and Solar Pulse combined with the fact that every mission will more than likely see Night Fighting at some point means you can keep the darkness going even longer.

Harbinger of the Storm
This Cryptek is all the buzz lately with its Haywire business. And while, yes, this guy will kill any vehicle that looks at him funny, the issue I have is he'll be hanging around with some Gauss or Tesla which more often than not can handle a vehicle in 1-2 turns without him. However, the higher AVs aren't scared of Tesla so this may be where this guy shines. Another piece of wargear that's worth noting is Lightning Field. Since wounds are taken closest to closest, this can allow you to snipe out some models up front your opponent wasn't ready for without having to lift a finger.

Harbinger of Transmogrification
These guys got some ups and downs. Tremorstaves will see an increase in use thanks to the new units that will take dangerous terrain tests when testing of difficult terrain. However, the Seismic Crucible got a little more lack-luster with charging ranges potentially doubling.

Overall I think it's safe to say Necrons have improved significantly. Though if I were to really sit down and think hard on the subject, maybe it's not they the Necrons are more powerful, just that they have stayed in place while others have slipped back a little. Necrons never relied on power swords, charging and have significant shooting capabilities (probably the best anti-infantry shooting in the game as it stand right now.)

The Necrons don't have any more new tricks than anyone else and the same things that worked before probably work just as well now. Either way, I foresee the Necrons being in the top tier for a while thanks to 6th Edition.

Good luck fellow Phaerons.

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  1. your pictures are awesome lmao..

  2. i have to disagree with your comment about the seizmic crucible. yes a unit can potentiall assault 12". but with the fact they will be charging through difficult terrain (since they were likely smacked in the head by the tremorstave so count as moving through difficult terrain in their own turn... i assuming it carries over to the assault phase also) so have to foll 3D6 - the highest. then they have to - D3" which can be crucial. add in the mysterious objective that 1/2's your assault range. a unit with a cruicible sat on an objective is a tough nut to crack.

  3. Thanks Drkmorals! That picture for the Warscythe admittedly took long to make via MS Paint than the article took to write. I'm not sure if I'm proud or ashamed of that fact..