July 2, 2012

Painting: Ghost Ark

My Previous Best In The "Painting" Category

Hello all. I'm here to show off my sub-par painting skills on something I once again finished months ago and hadn't posted about: My fully painted Ghost Ark. My painting skills aren't the greatest in the land, but I'm very pleased with how this thing turned out. And going from start to end on a model feels really good...however, not so good that I'm willing to start painting on a regular basis or anything so don't celebrate just yet. More after the break.

My techniques involve the simplistic highlighting and the even more simplistic dry-brushing. You regular readers know that green/black is my color scheme for the Necrons with hints of gold and grey here and there for detailing. Not much else to explain here, so enjoy!
I would have taken better pictures now that I have my lightbox again, but a friend currently has this model as an example to paint the other two I have. Once I have them back I'll get a group shot going.


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