July 9, 2012

Painting: Annihilation Barge

Welcome back. Picking up on the painting front, even though I have a friend painting some of my Necrons for me, she still needs a point of reference on things since she isn't familiar with this whole 40k business. You know, what weapons do what, how they should look, which robot skeletons should look awesome and which ones don't matter, etc. So, having four CCB/AnnBarges to be painted up I took one home and got it done in a relatively quick time-frame. Don't freak out, but I think I may have began to enjoy painting. I know, right? Crazy... Anywho, the AnnBarge portion is complete. Picture dump after the jump.

Nothing incredibly impressive here to some of you, but I'm extremely pleased with how this turned out. Once again, my talents extend to the length of dry-brushing and highlighting. Everything should be pretty self explanatory here. As for the color choices, my 'crons are still going the green and black way and for my Tesla weaponry I pictured it blue. Lightning... blue... electricity... I don't know, leave me alone and look at my damn pictures:

(I apologize for the change in lighting with each picture; I'm still working out the kinks with camera settings.)

More posts to come! Stay tuned.

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