October 30, 2009

My Must-Have Units

Hello and welcome back. Today I have something in no way related to modeling or magnets, I promise. Today I'm going to discuss my must-have unit for both of my armies. This will be the unit I can't help but take. Sometimes working my armies around this unit just so they can come.

My first army that I bought was the Ultramarines, so I'll start with them.

If there's one unit my friends can almost always count on me bringing, it's an Assault Squad. When you look at the alternatives, these are the cheapest of the cheap Fast Attack options for the UMs. I usually sport these fellas with 2 flamers, 1 power weapon and usually a Chaplain w/ Jump Pack, giving them rerolls to hit when assaulting. This makes it to where these guys just don't miss.

I build them to get rid of tough infantry, with no rolling to hit with flamers and rerolls to hit with a Chaplain they can take out most anything they come up against. Fitted with speed and the ability to ignore terrain makes them a powerful force for little cost. The normal UM 3+ armor save and 4 toughness doesn't make them invincible, but puts them on equal ground with most infantry.

My second army, Eldar, have a similar unit that is my must-have. Send in the clowns!

The Harlequins are by far my favorite Eldar unit. Similar to the SM Assault Squad, they're fast moving and built to knock out any melee they come up against. With rending and fusion pistols they can effectively take out tanks, but I find myself with concern for their lives after an explosion. The clowns are far deadlier in hand to hand combat than the Assault squad, but are given this gift in place of durability. With a toughness of 3 and nothing but a 5+ Inv save, these guys are easy to slaughter if caught with their brightly colored pants down. To combat this, they are given the Hit and Run rule and the Shadowseer. The Shadowseer, which should never NOT be taken, provides the whole troop with a night-fighting rule that can't be negated by search lights and has a much better range reduction of 2D6 x 2.

Finally, the army I've played many times and will soon own, Necrons. Necrons are my favorite army to play, but with a 3rd edition codex I'm holding out for word of a 5th edition before I put my money into it. Regardless, in my experience with them my favorite unit is not only a must-have for me, but a must-have for the rules: Warriors.

Yes, a troop choice. Boring, I know. But the way they work is just.. well, it makes my pants fit better. The idea of 40 green beams of death showering over an enemy makes me smile. The thing I love about the warriors is the fact that they have the worst gun of the Necrons, and they can still mess up a Land Raider in 1 hit. Never underestimate the ability of lots of glancing hits. Necron Warriors have similar stats to SMs, yet they can come back from death and are only 3 points more than a normal SM.

That's my 3 must-haves, what's everyone elses?


  1. LIES! I know you favor your guardian squad above all others!

  2. My favorite is my storm trooper squad. I think the models are awesome(Kaserkin), and I feel bad not playing them.

  3. Thousand Sons Rubrics. What would my Thousand Son theme army be without them?