October 31, 2009

If Someone Could Turn on that Light, I Can't Seer

Greetings, hello and other words. Today, I need YOUR help. No, not you, you. The other guy, to the left. No, my left. Yeah, him. Or her, I can't tell. Today I have a question I can't seem to find the answer to on this big thingy called the intarwebz.

Everywhere I go I see mention of this unit for Eldar that is a very powerful option. But, I can't find its make-up or rules anywhere in my codex. The name is Seer Council, somehow allowing me to bring Eldrad, 3 Farseers and 5 Warlocks. More Farseers would be just dandy to me, but this seems like cheating or like playing Space Wolves (same thing.)

I've also read that one of the Warlocks doubles the range of the Farseer's abilities when they're part of a Seer Council. I must admit, this made me pee a little.

Is this a 3rd edition rule? Is this currently legal? Where did I leave my Mp3 player? I'm counting on YOU, party people.

Happy Halloween.


  1. I know very little, as I'm not an Eldar player, but rumor has it this list is banned in European tourneys. It does seem kinda like cheating to me, but I guess it depends on the guy using 'em.

  2. In the 4th ed Eldar codex there was a unit called the Seer Council. It was able to take mutiple Farseers in a single unit plus some Warlocks. People now just call a farseer and warlock body guard a seer council.

  3. Thanks to both of you.

    @Jason - I assume you mean 3rd edition, since Eldar is on 4th currently. So, the whole bringing 4 Farseers and the Warlocks extending Farseer range on their powers went out the window with the newer 4th Edition codex, then?

  4. wow they both didn't give you the final info.

    the seer council DOES still exist, albeit in apocalypse.


    and augment is on it. (the power that extends range on other powers)

    mind war from down towwwwwn

  5. http://tinyurl.com/y99uvwk

    thats the page that has all of them (forgot to post it)

  6. Right on zealot. Thanks for the info. That page is so very tasty..

  7. I believe the full name of that is the Ulthwe Seer Council, and as mentioned it's an apocalypse thing. Mmm, stupidly-ranged psychic powers. Then again, considering the 6" bubble for the fortune/guide ones....yeah.

    I try not to make a habit of going 'READ MA BLOG' but if you're looking into the actual 'seer council' option in the codex, I can offer you this: http://raptor1313.blogspot.com/2009/08/eldar-seer-council-and-you.html

    There is not technically a unit called a Seer Council, but a Farseer may take a unit of 3-10 Warlocks that form a unit with him, and they are a single HQ choice.

    This is the other common use of the term 'Seer Council.' I'd say more about its capabilities, but that'd take a heap more space. Hopefully that completes the answer, and my apologies if you'd already been aware of that aspect of the 'Seer Council'.

  8. Fantastic read, Raptor. Thanks much. And no, the more info the better!

  9. Didn't they first turn up on the Craftworlds codex along with with things like the 'court of the pheonix king'?

    Didn't realise that you could still take them in current games.