October 27, 2009

Destroy All Fire Prisms!... Free Soda For All Fire Prisms!

I've done a tiny rant on the Fire Prism in a previous post. In the 3 games I rolled with one it either lost its Prism or got blown to smithereens on the first turn. And when it did fire, it always wiffed. Both scenarios are just luck based, but I'm allowed to bitch and moan if I want to. So I did. A lot. Like, a lot a lot. I've gotten hate mail, people. Anywho, my bitching might be over starting today:

Every Monday night a group of friends and I get together for some 40k, Chinese food, soda and "That's what she said" jokes. Since my SMs are getting a new paint job, I've been playing Eldar every week. The last 3 weeks I've won, but my Fire Prism has not. This week, however, the Fire Prism impressed me. The first game tonight was a quick 500 Ork vs 500 Eldar to show my roommate how the game goes. The Prism started out well, killing 4 Orks with its large blast template (and it would have been more if I would have remembered to cast Doom on them from my Farseer.) The next turn its weapon got blown off.. After rolling my eyes and taking a heavy sigh I put it into "Sacrificial mode" and sped it up the board to shoot as many TL-Catapult shots into the Orks as possible, this killed 2 more Orks. After being assaulted by the same group and exploding to a lucky power claw that only made 1 penetrating attack, the explosion took 2 more Orks. Now, 8 infantry might not seem like much of a victory, but after 3 games and me killing nothing at all, I was ecstatic.

I ended up losing that game, in the last turn by 1 kill point. But it was a close game, and close games are always fun. Eric over at The Midnight Shift recorded a battle report for us, and we'll hopefully have that up soon.

Our next game was 1000 IG vs 1000 Eldar. This is where I took some great rolls and maneuvered the Prism correctly. Throughout the game I don't think I ever took damage on the Prism and I never scattered on my rolls. The thing took out a chunk of infantry that were wailing on my Fire Dragons, a Leman Russ and finished off another troop choice that was trying to take a control point. Twice I used my star engines, once to play Can't-Catch-Me with 2 Chimeras (queue Benny Hill theme music,) and once to get to the enemy's control point. One might say it saved the day as the infantry it killed at the control point had a big bomb of some sort and melta-gun that had a good chance of taking me out. But the true hero was my Dire Avenger:

With my control point at the top of a 4 story building and a Dire Avenger and his Exarch locked in combat with 14 IG troops on the top of turn 4 (IG's turn), things weren't looking good. But thanks to the 5th edition rules I lost 1 of my 2, but killed 2 IG - winning assault. IG lost their Ld roll and lost the initiative roll-off. Yes, 1 Dire Avenger sweeping-advance-slaughtered 12 IG troops. This is entertaining enough, but my consolidation roll was a 6, getting me to the 3rd story of the building. This put me far enough ahead of the next IG wave that they not only couldn't assault my very last troop model, but also could not contest the point; winning me the game:

So yes, everything comes down to the dice. But this night was enough to push me over the edge to create a completely mechanized army; something I've been very against for fluff reasons and for the fact that I already play space marines. =P

Hopefully in the next 2 days I'll have a couple more posts that involve magnets and modeling ideas. Till next time!

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