October 28, 2009

It's Loc-Tite, Dawg!

I realized during my last post that every time I tell my readers to glue something, I'm making a very vague statement. Glue isn't just glue. Some glues really suck for plastics, while some are great! Some can't hold metal to metal for the life of them, some hang on and never let go. As an avid model builder for years, I've been through my fair share of glues. And I want to make 1 thing very clear to everyone out there, there is one glue that beats every other glue out there for 40k.

Some guy who is wrong - "But Lantz, I have this glue and I'm pretty sure it's the best."

Lantz - "You're wrong, some guy who is wrong."

It's not that the glue I speak of is the best at holding metals, or the best for magnets. It's the best at everything. Our group of 40kers that play together all used different glues for their model building in the beginning. But, one by one those who have tried it have all switched.

Some guy who is a jerk - "You sound like you're a promoter for this glue, Lantz."

Lantz - "I assure you, I'm not... Jerk."

I see a lot of posts on here and in forums with people whining and moaning on and on about pinning their models. I'm a man of Eldar, ladies and gents. I have a hefty amount of metal models and have yet to have something fall off of my models due to glue inefficiency. Save your time and money, pin no longer.

The greatest glue in all the land is Loc-Tite Super Glue: Control Liquid. Any Wal-Mart I've lived near has always carried this in either the office supplies section or the arts and crafts section of the store. For some reason, this thing is nowhere to be found on their website, so I'll supply a photo of what it looks like so you can find it easily.

And here's some more pictures for size comparison.

Here it is in comparison to a Terminator:

Here it is in comparison to a Sprite can:

Here it is in comparison to a foot:

Here it is in comparison to a cat:

Here it is in comparison to a lamp:

Here it is in comparison to my nose:

Here it is in comparison to a toilet:

Here it is in comparison to a chair:

Here it is in comparison to a washer and drier combo:

And here it is in comparison to a townhouse:

Use these helpful pictures as a reference and you should be able to find it just fine. You're all welcome in advance.


  1. I'm so glad you missed the obvious comparison out. I sware by Loc-Tite, it's great stuff, although I hate the squeezy tube you've shown, I prefer the 'classic' film tubes.

    Loc-Tite glue remover is also excellent for removing super glue accidents.

  2. Totally agree on this stuff. The gel form (it's just thicker so it stays put where it's placed) is also just as good if you need it to be a little more tackier where you apply it. On top of that, I've had zero clogging problems with this brand or it going bad because it didn't seal up properly. Where other brands have caused me to throw out entire bottles as they completely dried out or were at best a huge pain to unclog and get to work without making a mess.

  3. I like Loc-Tite, but wish it was a brush on glue (I really love brush ons). Other than that, I wasn't really sure how big a bottle of Loc-Tite was, but now that you have shown us in vast detail, I think I could size up almost anything in the universe by how many Loc-tite bottles you could fit inside of it. Hilarious! Keep up the fun and informative posts.

  4. I'm not quite convinced you really prefer Loc-Tite...
    I feel like I'm playing "Where's Wadoloc-Tite" in that last picture.
    Thanks for the info, I'll give it a try.

  5. Okay, I lol'd at the comparison photos. Thanks.

    Though, like Col.Corbane, I prefer the standard bottle to the Control.

    @Old School Terminator: http://www.loctiteproducts.com/products/detail.asp?catid=15&subid=34&plid=478 and

  6. Thanks for the tip I will give it a try. Even with pins I'm having trouble with the wings I keep giving my girls shifting or becoming loose.