November 3, 2011

Shout Out: KHop And Mr. Lemon

Ooo, Pretty!

It's been a bit since I've posted, but there will be a flood of posts incoming; and that's really what this post is about. With the Necrons coming close to release, I'm slowing down on the AdMech conversions and I'll be pushing out the last few conversion posts on them this and next week. Lucky for me, as you've seen, the newest version of the AdMech FanDex has been pushed out and is available here. I'm still reading your emails and will be updating the rest of the FAQ page eventually; once I have everything figured out on that front. As for right now, I have some AdMech and Necron work for you all. More after the break.

First up, we have a Finecast Techmarine of the Raven Guard chapter. This fine piece of work was painted up by my buddy KHop who has asked me to throw his email out to the masses for anyone that wants some painting work done. If you want some superb paintjobs pushed out quickly, you can reach him by email at seal101k(at)yahoo(dot)com. As for the Techmarine that he painted up for me, it's clear I'm pleased with the finished product:
This isn't for a Raven Guard army I'm starting up or anything, this is for the AdMech. As the fluff points out the AdMech train most all chapters of the Astartes and I wanted this to be reflected in my army.

Up next is the long-awaited Solus Infiltrator of the AdMech. This sneaky soldier was painted up by Mr. Lemon. If you haven't read already, the Solus Infiltrators of the AdMech wear Hololanth suits that blend their suit to their surroundings making nearly them impossible to spot. As you can see, Mr. Lemon painted this chick up to reflect the suit being activated. Working from the feet and gun barrel, the suit is quickly turning itself into a black coat just like the terrain the SI is crouched on.
Pew Pew!

Needless to say this is one of my favorite models for my army as it's a completely collaborative effort. The fluff for the unit was written by David, the model put together by myself and the paint job beautifully translated by Mr. Lemon.

Next, I have a finished product of a conversion from over a year ago: Flayed Ones. This unit was also painted up by KHop, and as my excitement for the Necron release ramps up, it's put into overdrive with the amazing paintjob he pulled off:
I'm actually far more pleased with how these guys turned out as opposed to the GW version soon to be released. If the Flayed One Lord coming out is something I wish to field, he'll certainly have a retinue to run alongside him.

Finally, I have a simple conversion I came up with last week. This guy is a Praetorian Centurion with a Servo-Arm and Hellgun. I find I really enjoy having the Servo-Arm option on a lot of units for that chance at repairs for the vehicles they're riding in.
The Servo-Arm created for this guy was a power cable from DFD and some extra bits from a Warmachine pack I had lying around. It's simple, but I think it turned out perfect.

That's all for now, folks. As mentioned before, expect a few more conversion posts in the coming days as my work for the AdMech slows to a crawl to make room for some much deserved Necron love.


  1. I'm glad I am not the only way that thinks your flayed one conversions look a lot better than the new ones.

    The only one I like is the one giving the flayed guy a piggy back ride. That's a stand up dude. He takes your skin, but gives you a piggy back ride in return.