November 23, 2011

Conversion: Imperial Jetbikes Kitbash

This week I'll be looking at a conversion that I've worked on for about a month as the parts for it slowly rolled in. You may remember my review of these bikes over at MWC a ways back, and that's what I used for the bike itself. This wasn't the tricky part, though, but I'll get to that in a bit. After the break I'll walk you through the steps taken to create a Skitarii Jetbike found in my FanDex.

First up was gluing the random bits you get from this jetbike onto it. I ended up only using the weapon barrels and the console on these as anything else looked less and less Imperial.

As for the stands they'll be on I drilled holes into the bikes for several different poses:

Next I took some jump packs from Chapterhouse, did some filing and set them up on the undercarriage of the jetbikes like so:

Next came the hard part; the pilot. For this I cut off the legs from some extra Praetorian models I had lying around, even though they're supposed to be Skitarii, there's not much difference between the models when they have legs showing so I just went with it:

And cut into his crotch so he'd be able to fit on the bike (eep!):

I took some legs from MaxMini's set, filed them down and glued them to the pilot once he was on the bike:

And glued a put pedal for stability:

Next, the arms. From the same set from MaxMini I filed down the shoulder and half of the arm so it fit correctly on the body and glued the robotic hand in place after creating some handlebars out of plasticard:

Next I wanted one pilot to have a power weapon and some beastly claw seemed fitting for the Skitarii, so I clipped off the blade on this weapon from Chapterhouse that I intended for GKs (though that dream has died):

...and glued it onto his other robo-hand:

And that's about it:

The rest of the bikes got the same treatment with a few minor variations and no power weapon:
I think the pilots look a little "stiff" on their bikes, but overall I'm happy with how this conversion turned out.

Until next time!


  1. I like the guy popping the rear wheelie! That dude is total X-games :)