November 18, 2011

Conversion: Caminus-Priest Unit Complete!

Welcome back! Today I've got a project I've had finished for about a week, but with all of this Necron business going on I haven't had a chance to post about. You may remember my Caminus-Priest project and the voting that went along with it. As for the voting, you people wanted legs, so legs you shall have! As for the conversion, I needed two more of these guys to reach the minimum model count for the unit and decided to wrangle some different poses. More pics after the break.

The original plan with the Priest on the left with the crossed arms was to shave the arms off and GS some new ones. But hey, who says all Caminus-Priests have their arms taken off; maybe it's just a majority. And I can decide this because I pulled this unit out of my ass when creating the FanDex, so there.
Instead, I took a couple of the extra mech-limbs in the pack and set them up as coming out of the backpack. I think this gives each model a unique look and makes them appear far more dangerous than they actually are. Needless to say, if each model in a unit takes this much work to put together, it'll be a target priority for your enemy just based on the assumption that they're the bee's knees.

The dude on the right only had one arm out, so I decided he'll just be firing one flamer, and thus, only one exhaust on his pack would be pumping out the smoke.

Obviously with the flames, smoke, limbs, hoses and legs these guys are incredibly fragile, so I'll have to be careful with them when I play them again, but I'm very satisfied with how they turned out.

I should have the Imperial Jetbikes conversion posted soon, so stay tuned for that.

For the Omnissiah!


  1. Very, very cool work! I love how the flame and smoke effects look, and I'm definitely looking forward to seeing 'em painted up. Keep up the great work!

  2. I think these might be my most favorite conversion.

  3. Glad you both like it! It's one of my favorite ones, too.