September 11, 2011

(Poll) Conversion: Caminus-Priest Kitbash

Hello and welcome back to yet another Adeptus Mechanicus conversion. This time around I've got a unit from the Elites section of the fandex that I've been quite gitty to complete; the Caminus-Priest. In its current form, the Caminus-Priest unit is pretty overpowered (this will be corrected in the next version coming out soon) and I see a lot of you playtesters using these guys a lot. Unfortunately for you, this unit will be toned down so it's in-line with its point cost. Until this happens, however, enjoy its rampage and enjoy the following kitbash tutorial. More after the break.

First, after months of finding just the perfect model for these guys I finally ran across a not-often used unit for Warmachine: Cephalyx Overlords. The almost straightjacket-looking coats they're wearing were perfect for the fluff of the Caminus-Priests. These guys come with one-piece bodies and a plethora of servo-arm thingies. I don't play Warmachine, so I don't know exactly what these are:

The items I needed for this project are as follows:

To start, let's get rid of that pesky hand-problem this guy is having:

To stop the bleeding, we'll giving those stubs a purpose. Cut out a barrel from a Space Marine flamer and glue it in place like so:

And drill a hole for the cinematics later on:

Now that our bringer of destruction is delighted with his new appendages of doom, let's get him walking:

I've cut a plasticard tube to the appropriate size, shaved down the base of the body/robe, glued the plasticard in the center and filled it with greenstuff:

From here I've cut up the servo-arm looking thingies this guy came with and began gluing them into place:

And set some greenstuff on his base to get him stable:
This may, and does to me, look fragile, but it's surprisingly sturdy.

Next, some detailing. I hooked up his backpack using greenstuff to fill in the gaps and applied the flame-cinematics:

Next I set up some smoke-cinematics for the backpack's exhausts:

And to get a feeder from the backpack to the flamer, I drilled some indentions in the flamer and backpack and hooked in a power cable like so:

Finally, I used one of the flame-tanks from the Space Marine Flamer that was left over and set it into an indention in the tail of the backpack:

And voila, a Caminus-Priest:
(click for a larger view)

Now, here's where you all come in. I need a ruling. The legs on this guy, I like them a lot and he came out exactly as I imagined. My problem with them is I think they make him look a little too Dark Mechanicus. I'm debating removing them entirely and just leaving the robe as the base. Friends in my gaming group say to keep them in, but I'd like some more feedback on this.

In the top left corner of this blog you'll notice a new poll. Vote now and you'll be the deciding factor on this model and all future models for Caminus-Priests I and others make!

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  1. IceStation Lemon: He looks pretty awesome.

  2. Looking bad in a very good way :)

    Legs pls.