November 26, 2011

Shout Out: Stolen Eldar Army

A quick shout out, today. And I actually meant to post this earlier in the week when I saw it; sadly I'm easily distracted by shiny objects and have had little to no sleep this month. Anywho, R3con over at Mi40k has posted about his buddy's Eldar army being stolen right out of his car. The above picture may or may not be the perpetrator and may or may not be a Google image. Who knows... So spread the word, if you spot his Eldar (info found here) be sure to jump over and contact the victim so he may be reunited with his time, work and effort in the form of space elves again.

PS, I find it ironic his occupation is Insurance. Not a fun situation, of course, but I giggled.


  1. Ouch. I'll keep an eyeball out on craigslist. What area was this in?

  2. It says a town in Michigan; not sure which one, though.

    Thanks, Raavek!