April 5, 2011

Shout Out: Heroes of Armageddon Project

Busy busy busy! For those of you who didn't know, live under a rock or you're that one last person who doesn't follow MWC; last week I was chosen by Matt (the guy running the show,) to be one of his new writers. What does this mean for The Magnet Pro? Hopefully it means pushing out twice as many posts as before, only time will tell. As for right now, Matt at MWC has gathered a small team of writers with all manner of strengths in the tabletop world and I'm very excited for the readers to see some of the ideas we have going. But enough about me, let's transition to another group of writers that are about to be very busy.

The old Storm Wardens crew is back at it, and in a big way. Dave Taylor Miniatures revealed today that they will be creating a similar project for Doctors Without Borders, only this time the scale of things will be epic. Instead of one army, this time around there will be four teams working on four, count them--four, 3,000 point armies all based off of the Third War of Armageddon. Donation placements are already set up and ready for the raffle to win one of these armies (I assume they won't all be going to one person.) Just like last time, I would expect to see many prizes involved for runner-ups as well. Keep an eye on this project's epicness and get those donations in for your chance to win!

EDIT: The central blog for this project can be found here and also in my blog roll to the right.

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