April 27, 2011

Conversion: Servitors and Techmarine

Just a quick show-off of some quick work I did last week and just haven't had the time to post up. This conversion is for my unit of Servitors as well as a Techmarine. In the AdMech fandex I have each Servitor equipped with a lasgun as well as allowing certain upgrades from the lasgun. In the same respect, the Techmarines-in-training with the AdMech do not have bolters and instead have lasguns. Unfortunately GW and I don't see eye-to-eye on what the Servitors and Techmarines deserve, so a conversion was in order. More after the break.

Firstly, a few snippets of some lasguns and "The Twins" are ready to roll. The one on the right took a little bit of exacto-knife work to get the gun to line up with his arm like a puzzle piece, but turned out great. The Servitor on the left really didn't have a good place for a lasgun on either arm, so I decided to fit one to his chest so he can show us what a man with a cannon in his chest is really made of:
The Intro-Photo Makes A Little Bit More Sense Now, Huh?

Next up is the heavy hitters of the Servitors. I find myself wanting a Multi-Melta and Plasma Cannon more than anything else, so I used some sponson weapons from a Leman Russ kit:

I took some GS to fill in the indentions of the weapons for the shoulders first:

Then placed some appropriate-looking bits for more detail. The first image has a sort of canister with him, and the second Servitor has a collection of cases. I picture Servitors as lackeys/warmachines/walking-purses for the AdMech on Tech-Quests, so I see a bunch of cases for powercells and whatnot as spot-on:

Finally, my Techmarine needed to be downgraded from a bolter to a lasgun. A simple clip of the bolter's magazine and barrel, and the addition of some plasticard turn this into a lasgun hefty enough for a Space Marine.

I'm debating making the barrel one size smaller, but it hasn't bothered me much, yet as I picture Techmarines getting lasguns specifically made for them while they train with the AdMech:

That's all for now. Just a quick and simple conversion. There's more to come; slowly, but surely.

Later days.


  1. Very nice! I like the servitors, the use of the LR weapons is a cool trick. Maybe a bit more cabling tying the underside of the weapon to the backpack, but other than that I really dig 'em!

  2. Good idea, and I just got some power cables in the mail! I'll edit this up when I have them looking more snazzy.

  3. I can't wait to see what a man with a cannon in his chest can do! I'm seeing a future MVP in the making. They call me Mr. Servi-TOR.

  4. If there was a "Like" button on your comment, I would click it.