April 24, 2011


I'm still in the process of moving. It's taking a while seeing as I decided to keep everything I've collected since the age of...well, five. This time however, I'm putting a stop to this as I seem to move every year or less because of one thing or another. This means filtering through every single box and throwing away what I don't need. Fortunately for me, this process caused me to stumble upon all of the Gundam, Zoid and Zerg models I had as a child. This is quite the jackpot here and I know there's more than just this. Bits galore has been bestowed upon me, which should help in my future conversions. It just goes to show you, that organization and purging of unneeded things has more benefits than just having less to move next time around.

Big things on the horizon, stay tuned.


  1. lol, that RX-78 shield just jumped off the page when I saw it. Nerd conditioning.

  2. lol, till they day I die I'll recognize the 78's shield easily. Nerd power!