June 11, 2015

Hive Fleet Kaiju 2/3 Complete

Long story short, after working off and on with my CSM army over the course of a couple of years, I wanted to make the fastest possible 750pt list I could. Easy solution? An unbound army with three monstrous creatures, with mostly airbrushing and drybrushing, combined with the simplest of basing techniques for optimal speed. I went with a Kaiju theme from the movie Pacific Rim because....why not? So after the jump there's a bunch of pictures of the two Trygons I finished in only a few hours. Their warlord? That's a post that will be coming soon...

One thing I should note, the airbrushing I did was far more splattered-looking than I wanted. It wasn't until the very end of all of my airbrushing that I realized it wasn't my paint mixing that was causing it, it was my compressor's pressure setting being too low... Lesson learned, but not turning back. Speedy army, go!

I'd wager their warlord will look a lot cleaner with light effects, though. Haha..

Trygon #1

Trygon #2

Until next time.

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