May 26, 2015

CSM Army Complete
(Picture Dump Incoming!)

As mentioned in my previous post, my CSM army is complete. And due to the fact that I worked on it off and on for the past few years, I thought I'd grab all of those pictures and toss them into a single post. So here you go; the entire army in a giant picture-dump post. Enjoy!

Chosen + Rhino


Havocs + Rhino


Noise Marines + Rhino

Next time, my next army project begins!


  1. cool army of emperor's children, i like the pink almost purple tone you have got painted on this force, and the fact you have used more imperial than chaos bits including what looks like FW stuff. if only more people collected or painted Slaaneshi space marines, a army largely unrepresented but when they are they are always without exception are visually pleasing to ogle at. 11/10

  2. Thanks, DA! I agree, you don't see much Slaanesh CSM compared to the others, it's a shame..