June 22, 2015

Trygon Prime Complete
(Oh, God! Airbrushing Opinions)

And now we have the Trygon Prime, warlord for my quickest army (hobby-wise). I went with a green tone, though I thought it might turn out a little for teal and/or a little brighter. More than anything, though, this army was for learning and for having fun. I ended up having fun making a whole army in less than a week, but I also learned a lot about my airbrush and my opinions on paint for them. More on that and more pictures after the jump.

I have a few different kinds of airbrush paint. Even though I've had this thing over two years, I'm still learning the ins and outs, especially being the first one in our group to start using one and missing out on Adepticon this year. Anyway, I ended up using Minitaire's (owned by Badger) Envy Green for the darkest of green tones on this model (the ones my camera probably can't pick up in these pics). This paint, once dried, had a slick, shiny and plastic-y consistency that's not ideal for painting on top of it. This plastic-like consistency also clogged up my airbrush tip...a lot, while also drying itself to the needle (at 26psi) and slowly stretching out causing the paint to splatter randomly if I didn't catch it. I've used one other color from Minitaire's line (Lust Pink) and it had similar properties, at that time I thought it might just be that color, now I'm thinking it's their whole line. Never again.

I'll tell you what works like a dream, though. Daler Rowney inks. I've used them for this guy and both of the Trygon models and their inks are amazing for airbrushing. I can't talk them up enough; just fantastic. A tip I was given when first told about Daler Rowney inks, make sure you look for the transparency symbol on the bottles for either an 'o', 't' or 's' which stand for opaque (mostly what I used for this project), transparent or semi-transparent:

And here's a full line of Daler Rowney inks and their transparency type. I think they have a wider selection, now, but don't quote me on that.
(click to enlarge)

And finally, the extra shots of my Trygon Prime:

Until next time.

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