December 2, 2009

Fortress of Win

I walked into my local gaming store very intent on buying a Razorback so I could try my hand at a Rhino/Razorback magnet conversion. After selecting my item and browsing a smidgen I notice a display item near the Apocalypse section I usually end up ignoring. A Black Friday left-over; Fortress of Redemption for 25% off. Only 2 of these left.

Needless to say, no Razorback walkthrough for a bit, people. I'll be attempting to put this thing together before our game night tomorrow. Pics will surely follow.

EDIT #1:
The turret is now complete. It took the better part of 2 hours.. Yeesh. Here's the constructed product:

I magnetized the turret as.. well, everything's better with magnets:

The horizontal movement is a full 360 degrees. I was also pleased to see the vertical movement was solid and holds its own in the battle against gravity. The movement is 180 degrees and the end of the barrels stick a good distance out from the base.

More updates to come. I'm off to game-night!

EDIT #2:
The tower and the stairs/walkway are now complete as well. We've been using them separately as terrain which is working out quite well. Just the missile silo to go and this puppy is put together! Here's the latest pics:

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