November 27, 2009

Twisty Ties! Weeee!

No clever titles this time, it's 4am. This short installment is going to be about a little trick I use when gluing pewter models, as I'm a very impatient person. Holding a model while its glue dries puts me in as much pain as sitting through the movie White Noise. My solution to this problem? Twisty ties! Anytime I buy some new technology I save the twisty ties and tiny rubber bands that hold the cords. So while I'm putting pewter models together I don't have to hold them while they dry:

Oh, and Vanguard Veteran Squad FTW!

Until next time!


  1. The Vindicator required no twisty ties!

  2. zip kicker?

    wayyyy better if you're impatient

  3. Amazing - that's one of those little hobby tips that seem so obvious in retrospect! I've been rubber banding models for 20 years, but using twist ties seriously had never occurred to me. They would allow for so much more control over how tight or loosely you need the hold, and that's brilliant. Goes to show one can learn something new every day - Thanks!