December 24, 2009

Rhino/Razorback Magnetized

Now, as promised, the Rhino/Razorback conversion. This is something I've wanted to do for a while, but with the Eldar fiasco and some other happenings I hadn't ever gotten around to buying a Razorback. So here we go.

First, the gun turret. Leaving the crossbar attached you can use a couple magnets to hold the turret there, but this will hinder the vertical movement capabilities of the gun itself. It's hard to explain, but if you construct everything with the bar in place you'll see what I mean:

Next, cut the pegs off of the gun's joint. Also shave both sides down to the same level as the majority of the joint. We'll place just ONE 3/16 x 1/32 magnet where one of the pegs once was:

Next create a 3/16th cavity into ONE of the sides of the Laz Cannon and the Heavy Bolter placing a magnet in its place -- making sure they're both on the same side of the weapons and also will attach correctly to the joint in the previous step. We'll of course be using the same 3/16 x 1/32 magnets for this as well:

Since GW only provides one top-cover and we're wanting to use 2 guns we'll once again have to use magnets. My choices for width at the time for my magnets were either 3/16th and 1/16th and the 3/16th was too large for the guns. So I placed 2 of the tiny 1/16 by 1/32 magnets on the tops of the weapons and the other 3/16th under the top-cover like so:

Now, we can switch from Laz Cannon to Heavy Bolter with ease:

For the front of the Rhino/Razorback's spiky front thingy, four 3/16 x 1/32 magnets worked perfectly when placed like so:

Leaving the top-hatch doors loose as well as the gun placement you can switch easily from Rhino to Razorback and back:

Until next time!

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  1. It's good to see that the magnet pro is back and magneting like a well practiced individual.