December 24, 2009

Hunter Killer Missile Mania!

It's been a while. I've been very busy with non-40k thingies. But, I'm back on board and to get the ball rolling I'll talk about Hunter Killer Missles. HKMs are my favorite filler for spare points. A little pricey for 1 shot per game in my opinion, but I love the unlimited distance and such a powerful shot coming from a rhino. Anywho, my point is it's filler for me and that means sometimes I bring it and sometimes I don't. The common solution on this blog for that is... *drum roll* magnets!

Without using the arm joint for the launcher itself, I found the cavity for that joint is the perfect fit for the lovely 1/16" by 1/32" discs which fits like so:

Another one attached to the rhino-like body like so:

And it fits like this:

I didn't have enough of the normal HKMs on hand so I took some left over Missle Launcher arms from infantry and attached them like so:

And that's it! Interchangeable HKMs to use or not use as you please!


  1. It's good to see that magnets offer so many easy conversions. How about going for a challenge and making a rhino/predator/razorback/vindicator conversion.

  2. A Rhedzorbackicator? .... That's madness!

  3. Madness? This! Is Magnets!