March 27, 2015

Never Thought I'd See The Day
(Especially On My Birthday)

For the better part of three years I worked on a fandex for the Adeptus Mechanicus, convinced that after almost twenties years of Games Workshop not bothering to make their own, that the fans were the only solution. And we were for a time, and aside from my own, there were a lot of AdMech fandexes out there that I really enjoyed. However, the times they are a-changin'; I gave up on the fandex due to time restraints, but GW seems to finally be listening to their fans (or just looking at Forge World's AdMech sales). Regardless of how it came about, AdMech are finally getting their due and oddly enough on my birthday! More after the jump.

While I did enjoy my own Skitarii vision (more mysterious with some cloak and dagger vibes mixed in), the official Skitarii do not disappoint and their kit allows for the creation of ranged or melee versions:

The walker kit is something to marvel as well and allows for the melee/ranged option as well:

Rumor has it that the codex drops next week (though I find it odd they didn't release the codex first, but whatever..) Next on my table is something big (that will hopefully get finished quickly so I can get to these AdMech models!)
Pictured: Something Big

Until next time.

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