October 24, 2011

New Website and Version 3 Up For Download!

That’s right ladies and gents, the long awaited Version 3 of the fandex is up for grabs at www.AdMechFanDex.com so spread the word and enjoy!

As always, if I wrote down every minute change I’ve made from version to version I’d be writing a novel, so here’s a list of the major changes:
  • Complexity Value army rule completely overhauled
  • Fluff/stories and full color pictures added
  • New army rules: In The Wrong Hands and Religious Factions
  • New Units: Iron Father, Iron Hands, Tech-Priest Artifex, Termite, Solus Infiltrator, Imperial Jetbikes, Textura, Luceo Rollers, Malchun, Derogo, iAcular, Algaryn and Circom
  • Special Weapon and Harness options added to Techmarines
  • Armory Point Costs page moved
  • Graviton Gun reworked
  • Servitors now have the Slow and Purposeful special rule
  • Propulsion removed from Cult Abomination
  • Tribal Fury added to Skitarii
  • Enginseer now has his own entry page and FOC section entry
  • Smoke Launchers removed from units/added to Armory
  • Electro-Hull change
  • Guidance rule change
  • Armory has been cleaned up
  • MP Hellgun change (again…)
  • Servo-Arm/Harness repairs rule changed
  • Shock Praetorians removed
  • Electro-Priest Special Rules cleaned up
  • Machine Cultist Special Rules changes
  • Servitor options changed
  • Walking Transport Special Rule changes
  • Leman Russ weapon/chassis changes
  • Gant fire points decreased from 2 to 1
  • Phantous overhauled
  • Tech-Priest Special Rule added
  • Point costs readjusted across the fandex
  • Previous FAQ implemented into the current rules
  • Overall cleanup of page organization

In addition to this news, further updates including FAQs will be over at www.AdMechFanDex.com from this point forth.


  1. Glad to see this available to the general public. Everyone should be able to mooch off your labor :)

  2. Ha, that's the point I suppose! =P

  3. Can I get a copy of the last version of your fandex?