October 14, 2011

Picture Dump: Gametime Without The AdMech?

As the next version of the fandex draws to a close (still not giving a set date,) I've gone into a lull of playing with the fandex. Closed-beta playtesting ended last month and since then I've directed my attention elsewhere.
Which may or may not have included some resin-casting....

With the Necron codex supposedly just around the corner, I first delved into the zombie-robot goodness. Playing some games large and small with friends and only one of which I got a snapshot or two of; what's wrong with me!?
Here we have a less than ideal situation for the Necrons; lots of melee.

(Click To Zoom)

Fortunately for me the Resurrection Orb and Monolith portal were giving me some good rolls and ended up tying this game 1-1.

Next up I've been tinkering with a C:CSM list which I'll get into with a post later on this month. In the last game against IG I played the "finalized" list I've been working on for the last month for the first time ever and ended up winning 2-0:
We made full use of the Wrecked markers in this one.

This was a 4+ check for melee at one point. The dice hated me at this point, but honestly the hatred was spread to my opponent as well throughout the entirety of the game.

Two Daemon Princes against 3 Sentinels: Who will win!?... Yeah, we know the answer to that...

If we each got a dollar for each Wrecked or Explosion result on the table we could have paid for dinner that night.

Finally, a 4000 vs 4000pt team game (2k/person) that was quite entertaining. I was playing CSM with Eric's IG against GK and DA. Our opponents were Drop Pod and Deep Strike happy, which made my usual tactics all wonky, but it didn't end up changing the story too much. We only got to turn 4 before I had to leave where we were losing 1-2, but had the game continued another turn (or had I realized I wasn't going to have time for another turn,) I'm confident in our winning the game.
Here we have Eric's IG blob, some of his tanks and an onslaught of GK and DPs. This may look pretty frightening, but a Squadron of Leman Russ' came on our board edge the next turn and cleaned up just about everything save 1 Space Marine and some Terminators.

Over on the other side of the board you may see a tumbleweed drift by...it was far quieter over there, mostly Eric and I pushing towards our enemy's only safe point.

Currently I'm having fun with both the CSM and Necrons, and I'm not sure which will have my focus once the next version of the fandex is out and all my modeling is done for them. Only time will tell.

Until next time.


  1. I want to see some of that wonderful resin. Its not nice to tease with that many molds at once.

  2. I don't know if you have seen some of the Necron goodies but check it out.


  3. @War Frog
    Working on some posts, no worries!

    Working on a post for miniaturewargameconversions.blogspot.com as we speak.