February 12, 2015

Noise Marines Complete
(Turn It Up To 11!)

Holidays, New Years, getting sick: A lot has kept me from the hobby lately, but I'm back in full swing and this time I've go a full unit of Noise Marines finished up. I have to admit, these guys turned out almost exactly the way I wanted (more on that in a second), but they were really enjoyable to paint as well. This project is also the first time I've really used dayglow pigment en masse as well, which was fun in its own right. More pics after the jump.

For this project I wanted a very specific look based on an image I found years ago when I was first getting into the hobby:
However, for my unit, I wanted darker tones than the bright pink to help the green stand out. So I went with a purple, while still doing minimal highlights with some pinks here and there with my airbrush. I'm also really pleased with the flesh and eyes; there isn't much of it, but what there is I'm really happy with.

Enough of me prattling on, enjoy the pics and let me know what you think:

Until next time.

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